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"If you let your fear of consequence prevent you from following your deepest instinct, your life will be safe, expedient and thin."

"The possibility that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just."

"One must have the adventurous daring to accept oneself as a bundle of possibilities and undertake the most interesting game in the world making the most of one’s best."

"There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction."

"There is a time for daring and a time for caution, and a wise man knows which is called for."

"Adventure is worthwhile in itself."

"There are three kinds of people: Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who ask, What happened"

"If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything, is ready, we shall never begin."

"We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal and then leap in the dark to our success."

"Take risks: if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise."

"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly."

"Risk more than others think is safe. Care more than others think is wise. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible."

"Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do."

"The men who have done big things are those who were not afraid to attempt big things, who were not afraid to risk failure in order to gain success."

"You’ve got to go out on a limb sometimes because that’s where the fruit is."

"Don’t be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better."

"A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for."

"The policy of being too cautious is the greatest risk of all."

"Dare to reinvent yourself. Dare to allow yourself to change your mind. Dare to go against what everyone else wants for you. Dare to say no to what everyone else wants from you."

"If you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much room."

"Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit."

"Some men see things as they are and say, Why ‘ I dream of things that never were, and say, Why not"

"Go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is."

"I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it."

"Don’t be afraid to take a big step. You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps."

"Unless you choose to do great things with it, it makes no difference how much you are rewarded, or how much power you have."

"What you have to do and the way you have to do it is incredibly simple. Whether you are willing to do it is another matter."

"Pearls don’t lie on the seashore. If you want one, you must dive for it."

"You can’t outwit fate by standing on the sidelines placing little sidebets about the outcome of life. Either you wade in and risk everything you have to play the game or you don’t play at all. And if you don’t play you can’t win."

"If things seem under control, you are just not going fast enough."

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