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"It is amazing how a new child can refocus one’s direction seconds after its birth. "

"It’s amazing: I am a New Yorker. It’s strange; I never thought I would be. "

"People must feel that the natural world is important and valuable and beautiful and wonderful and an amazement and a pleasure. "

"Victor Cruz just got his deal with Givenchy – amazing. I was so excited for him. That was amazing. So I think there are great opportunities for a lot of athletes out there. "

"The amazing fact is that America is founded on a document. It’s a work in progress. It can be tested by each generation."

"I feel like LeBron James is an amazing basketball player, but he’s also a community person. "

"I really love the internet. They say chat-rooms are the trailer park of the internet but I find it amazing. "

"It’s the most amazing thing to be able to forgive. "

"At once I feel that comedy is this amazing sort of transcendent thing, and I’m also open to the fact that maybe it’s just an evolutionary hiccup, something that upright apes do in their free time."

"I’ve worn dresses from all different price ranges, and the thing that couture dresses have in common is that the fit is amazing."

"Propaganda is amazing. People can be led to believe anything."

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