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"Writers have to put up with this editor thing; it is ageless and eternal and wrong. "

"Generally, a writer of force is anywhere from 20 years to 200 years ahead of his generation. "

"The thing that I fear discriminating against is humor and truth. "

"Even though I write about the human race, the further away from them, the better I feel. Two miles is great; two thousand miles is beautiful. "

"In my work, as a writer, I only photograph, in words, what I see. "

"Much publishing is done through politics, friends, and natural stupidity. "

"To not to have entirely wasted one’s life seems to be a worthy accomplishment, if only for myself. "

"A cat is only itself, representative of the strong forces of life that won’t let go. "

"I would be married, but I’d have no wife, I would be married to a single life. "

"It’s when you begin to lie to yourself in a poem in order to simply make a poem, that you fail. "

"Show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually clean kitchen, and 8 times out of 9 I’ll show you a man with detestable spiritual qualities. "

"Between the ages of fifteen and twenty-four, I must have read a whole library. "

"Joan of Arc had style. Jesus had style. "

"Sometimes I’ve called writing a disease. If so, I’m glad that it caught me. "

"When I write, when I’m going hot, I don’t want to write more than four hours in a row. After that, you’re pushing it. "

"We have wasted History like a bunch of drunks shooting dice back in the men’s crapper of the local bar. "

"Shakespeare didn’t work at all for me. "

"Those who have been writing literature have not been writing life. "

"I don’t write so much now. I’m getting on 33, pot belly and creeping dementia. "

"I kept writing not because I felt I was so good, but because I felt they were so bad, including Shakespeare, all those. The stilted formalism, like chewing cardboard. "

"My writing is jagged and harsh, I want it to remain that way; I don’t want it smoothed out. "

"I am a dangerous man when turned loose with a typewriter. "

"I have no definite talent or trade, and how I stay alive is largely a matter of magic. "

"When I say that basically writing is a hard hustle, I don’t mean that it is a bad life, if one can get away with it. It’s the miracle of miracles to make a living by the typer. "

"Never get out of bed before noon. "

"You can do without a woman but not a typewriter. "

"Humanity, you never had it to begin with. "

"You begin saving the world by saving one man at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics. "

"To do a dull thing with style-now that’s what I call art. "

"Almost everybody is born a genius and buried an idiot. "

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