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Aldous Leonard Huxley (26 July 1894 – 22 November 1963) was an English writer, novelist, philosopher, and prominent member of the Huxley family. He graduated from Balliol College at the University of Oxford with a first-class honours degree in English literature.

"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."

"There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving and that’s your own self."

"The more powerful and original a mind, the more it will incline towards the religion of solitude."

"If most of us remain ignorant of ourselves, it is because self-knowledge is painful and we prefer the pleasures of illusion."

"When the sun rises, it rises for everyone."

"Most human beings have an infinite capacity for taking things for granted."

"I wanted to change the world. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself."

"Words can be like X-rays if you use them properly — they’ll go through anything. You read and you’re pierced."

"Sons have always a rebellious wish to be disillusioned by that which charmed their fathers."

"There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception."

"Consistency is contrary to nature, contrary to life. The only completely consistent people are the dead."

"Several excuses are always less convincing than one."

"That all men are equal is a proposition which, at ordinary times, no sane individual has ever given his assent."

"Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards."

"Silence is as full of potential wisdom and wit as the unshown marble of great sculpture. The silent bear no witness against themselves."

"Most ignorance is evincible ignorance. We don’t know because we don’t want to know."

"To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries."

"For at least two thirds of our miseries spring from human stupidity, human malice and those great motivators and justifiers of malice and stupidity, idealism, dogmatism and proselytizing zeal on behalf of religious or political idols"

"Europe is so well gardened that it resembles a work of art, a scientific theory, a neat metaphysical system. Man has re-created Europe in his own image."

"From their experience or from the recorded experience of others (history), men learn only what their passions and their metaphysical prejudices allow them to learn."

"There isn’t any formula or method. You learn to love by loving – by paying attention and doing what one thereby discovers has to be done."

"Orthodoxy is the diehard of the world of thought. It learns not, neither can it forget."

"Specialized meaninglessness has come to be regarded, in certain circles, as a kind of hallmark of true science."

"What we feel and think and are is to a great extent determined by the state of our ductless glands and viscera."

"A bad book is as much of a labor to write as a good one, it comes as sincerely from the author’s soul."

"Most of one’s life is one prolonged effort to prevent oneself thinking."

"Bondage is the life of personality, and for bondage the personal self will fight with tireless resourcefulness and the most stubborn cunning."

"Thought must be divided against itself before it can come to any knowledge of itself."

"Happiness is a hard master, particularly other people’s happiness."

"The quality of moral behavior varies in inverse ratio to the number of human beings involved."

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